ExecPointer the exec power tool.

What They Say

Members were asked what animal or bird Executive Foundation represented for them...

Guy Douglass, BOS Design - Executive Foundation has changed my life.

Mark Fritz - Speaker/Mentor - You and your team do a fantastic job creating a great experience for everyone, and that is really impressive‚Ķthe best I have seen with organizations doing this type of work.  Congrats.

Glyn Evans, Total UK - “I have been stuck trying to find a clear path to a goal for a week and after a couple of hours with Mike Wilsher, Coach & Mentor for SME Leaders my head is now full of ideas. If anyone ever has a doubt on the value of a long-term coach give him a try it will change your perspective.”

Dr Lynda Shaw, a cognitive neuroscientist and chartered psychologist “I found the professionalism in the running of this forum exceptional.  It was abundantly clear that your group was relaxed, energised and enthusiastic.  All this wrapped up in a hotel of opulence in beautiful countryside, you certainly set high standards.

An eagle:
Authoritative, not wishy-washy, bold, wise, knowledgeable, focused, independent, resilient. Gliding effortlessly. Enables me to fly up high taking me out of day-to-day drudgery to think longer term with broader horizons and greater opportunities. A global view. Panoramic vision. Full visibility down below. Targeted. A killing machine, yet beautiful.

An owl:
Wise. Able to turn its head 360 degrees. Calm, very unruffled. Patient. When necessary swoops down to collect its prey.

A rhino:
Full-on approach.

A wolf:
Hunts in a tight pack to do better as a strong group

A Panther:
Generally quiet. Occasionally goes in for the kill.

A duckbilled platypus (the only mammal to lay eggs):
Unique. A bit strange. Different.

Geese (learning to fly behind a microlight):
Coaching approach addressing increasingly challenging issues (cliffs)

A herd of Zebra:
Supporting each other, sticking together in a herd.

What They Say
What They Say What They Say

Mike and the team make me accountable and that hones my focus to drive me forward.

Tony Lock, Pencarrie