Peer Groups

Meeting with like-minded peers means you get support in delivering results.

Meeting with ambitious leaders once a month for a Workshop, followed by a Sounding Board means that you are no longer isolated, or alone. You will learn, share experiences and get answers. The camaraderie is incredible!

You will see that no leader is the complete package. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths may be unique in the group. And you’ll recognise strengths in others that you can learn from, as they learn from yours. Unlike when you’re in the public gaze, you can be real, and open. And it’s in doing so that you learn and develop and move on. Everyone is in the same boat.

Peer groups are organised by experience level, to optimise what you have in common and make sharing absolutely relevant:

CEO FORUM for business leaders of more than 25 people; CEO FORUM EVENTS


LEADERS FORUM for leaders aspiring to board level. LEADERS FORUM EVENTS

Peer Groups
Peer Groups Peer Groups

The quality of people makes for an extraordinary experience!

Andrew Milne, Geotechnical Engineering