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Performance Reviews - A box ticking exercise or key to business success?

Author: Admin
Posted: 21st October 2016

Performance Reviews - A box ticking exercise or  key to business success?

Extensive research and good practice says that performance reviews/appraisals play a major part in ensuring your people feel engaged, motivated and happy at work which ultimately leads to better productivity and therefore a successful business.

However, a high proportion of both managers and employees see performance reviews as a ‘box ticking’ exercise which the managers ‘do’ and the employees ‘receive’; another demand on their time imposed by HR. If this is the perception then it is likely to leave both sides disengaged, making the whole exercise ineffective and often counterproductive.

So, how can you ensure that the performance reviews in your business are adding value and helping to ensure your people engaged and motivated? Here are a few tips that we have picked up along the way:

  1. Remember it is a two-way process – Get your employees involved, listen to them. Use the reviews as an opportunity to discuss their achievements, their role and the importance of their contribution. Encourage them to take ownership and set their own goals and objectives which meet their personal aspirations as well as those of the business.
  2. Look forward not back – Yes, it is important to acknowledge what has/hasn’t gone well since the last review but the focus should be on looking to the future, developing people’s talent and aligning this with the objectives of the business.
  3. Agree on three top actions – Having a long list of goals that are unachievable is not productive. Instead identify a maximum of three goals which are going to motivate the employee and contribute to making the business a success.
  4. Review regularly – A meeting once a year isn’t going to keep your employees engaged. Aim to discuss their progress at least quarterly to ensure the actions are still relevant and the employee is on track.

Effective performance reviews are crucial to business growth and success so don’t let your performance review process hold you back.

If you would like some support and advice to set up or update your performance reviews please get in touch for a confidential, no obligation chat.