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Our CRITERIA for Forum Members:

  • You lead within your company
  • You will add value to members
  • You welcome the challenge and will challenge us
  • You are ambitious and hungry to learn
  • You will honour confidential information
  • You will be committed to members by attending Forums each month
  • Members are happy to have you in the room

If you feel you meet these you would be very welcome to experience a Forum for yourself. That’s a great platform from which you can decide whether you’d like to join us. Members will use these criteria in voting on whether to invite you to do so. This is how we maintain the quality of our offering.

Which FORUM?

CEO FORUM members typically employ more than 25 people, DIRECTORS FORUM members employ more than 10, but less than 25.



  • Maintain absolute confidentiality.
  • The Forums are opportunities to discuss issues and share ideas.  You must accept that no advice is given by any party at the Forums. Where professional advice is required you should engage appropriate professionals directly.  We will have no liability to you where you take any action or decision in reliance on any discussions in our Forums, or in relation to any advice which you consider has been given (or omitted to be given) in our Forums.
  • Attend all Forums and 1-1s. If you cannot make a Forum, you are welcome to send someone from your company for the Workshop. Members would prefer to keep the Sounding Board exclusive.Your monthly membership fees are still due.
  • Give notice of changes to your coaching attendance within two working days or any arranged session will be chargeable.
  • Keep to the Forum Ground Rules we agree.
  • Vote on new members
  • Introduce one new member.
  • Give three months notice of ending your membership.
  • Pay your fees at the start of each month by direct debit. (All other forms of payment will be charged at a handling fee of £50/month)



    A full refund if you are not entirely satisfied after attending your first month of membership.


    Forum members jointly contribute towards 50% of the fee for a member that we agree deserves support, or is from the charitable sector. Executive Foundation fund the balance.


    9 Forums, 1 Recess, and monthly 1-1 coaching sessions plus calls when you need them; access to advice ExecPointers - our library of the best business tools; and support from Trusted Experts and Members. Networking Dinners and Drinks as arranged.
    • Joining Fee - £1,200 and then
    • £1,200/month


  • By arrangement   -  £250/hour
Your Membership