Scale Up Forum

Break through with Trusted Experts and Elite Peers.

Identify and address your core challenges with Experts in the morning each month, and develop as a leader with up to 9 elite Peers in the afternoon.

EXPERTS in every major field collaborate to find your single biggest issue. They question, challenge, and dig to get to underlying, root issues in your business -the one issue holding you back from growing even faster. At your request, Experts visit to explore each challenge further and you can contract with them independently to fix the problem. In the following months, you report back, and process further issues. You also learn from the issues your Peers uncover. You focus on what your business needs most, and you get the very best professional support.

After lunch each month you can address personal challenges with your elite PEERS. Trusted peers give you a Sounding Board, different perspectives, and their advice. It’s an opportunity to share what’s keeping you awake at night. A confidential space with peers to talk about what you can’t share anywhere else.

With this support for your business and for you personally, you are sure to break through!

Scale Up Forum
Scale Up Forum Scale Up Forum

If I had one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and then five minutes solving it.

Albert Einstein